<> The law of marketing keep changing?

What is marketing? We are all familiar with the fundamentals of marketing, that marketing is the Strategy used by brands to promote their goods and services. Creating a successful marketing strategy is getting to know your audience, analyzing consumer behavior, and acting on it appropriately. So, we will be covering :

7 P’s of marketing

Types of marketing i.e. Tradition VS Digital marketing

CATT Marketing funnel

Integrated Digital marketing 

Personal Branding

Looks interesting, right? So, to start with and before diving into further marketing laws,

Let us apprehend the basics of marketing  i.e. 7P’s.

Product: What product to sell? Analyzing the requirement of consumers in the market that fits them accurately choosing the right product that satisfies the consumer and their needs is very important.

Promotion: Promotion in simple terms is a medium to reach the targeted customers. It’s letting them know about your product available for them in the market. You have now different Channels available to promote through social media marketing, websites, etc.  

Price: Determining the price of the product is a crucial point after examining the potential of customers if they can easily pay for it or not? and after comparison with the similar product present in the market with the competitors.

Place: Where can people find your product? whether online and at a store or at both the places and how? Nowadays digitalization has made it easy for consumers to find your product as you can list it online, locate it there and make it easy for customers to find the store with the help of google maps. Your presence online can help customers to buy products sitting at home through your website with just one click.

People: Who is our targeted audience? Finding answers to this question is so important. To whom the product is for, reach your audience personally through emails, by calls, and many other mediums like social marketing by tremendous communication skills with great engaging content to become not only customers but return customers.

Process:  Process involves the delivery of a product or service to the customers, which is a crucial process. That is where the outcome lies for both sellers and customers.

Physical Evidence: Having physical evidence is the key. Having a store offline is enormous. But as we are in the digital era, physical evidence can be online as well i.e social media, your website, and emails. 

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

 It’s the channel through which the message is conveyed to the audience about the product or service. Let’s have a look at both types of marketing.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is a method of advertising through mediums like television advertisement, newspapers, distributing pamphlets, and organizing advertising stalls.

  • It is confined only to the local areas.
  • It has a limited audience to target.
  • The conversion rate is slow and low as it has a limited target audience.
  • Television ads are one of the best parts of traditional marketing as it repeatedly gets the views of the audiences and help them to remember for a long time.
  • It’s a time taking process to show results.
  • Traditional marketing includes:




T.V advertising

Digital marketing

We are surrounded by technology all time. The moment we wake up and go to bed. Digital marketing is buying or selling products and services through online marketing through online mediums, channels, and some tools to reach the targeted audience.

  • Digital marketing is more cost-effective.
  • It helps to target the audience globally.
  • It is efficient in rapid brand building.
  • Digital marketing includes:

Seo (search engine marketing)

SMM ( social media marketing)

Pay per click

Content marketing

Email marketing

CATT Marketing Funnel

Wealth =n^CATT (n= niche)

C- Content

A- Attention

T- Trust

T- Transaction

It involves step by step process first one is the selection of niche, creating content to attract people that can be showcased by blogging, videos, lead magnet, live webinar, etc. The next point is attention, where we try to draw attention to our content using SEO, social media, paid ads and, referrals. Then comes trust without building trust with your audience, you cannot go ahead. Deep marketing is one of the ways to build trust. Gaining the trust of the audience can turn on transactions. A Transaction is converting your leads into customers who transact to buy you products or services.

Integrated Digital marketing

Integrated digital marketing is the operation of all digital channels that complement each other. It helps a brand to improve visibility and awareness among the audience. 

Quality content is key to building everything. For engaging the target people, there is a need to generate quality content that can acquire the trust of the targeted audience. To anticipate how the content acts in each digital marketing method let us have a glance at it-

Social Media 

If you have quality content, which allows users to hit the like button and share the post. The more the audience shares, it increases the more traffic and engagement to you or your post, which results in more followers and growth. With the constant posting of a blog, you will notice improvement with each new post.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Having quality content naturally helps search engines to drive traffic to your web page or website. Search engines crawl over the web from page to page and find the relevant and quality content, then categorizing each piece of content is also known as indexing. And decides which content is more suitable to searchers is called ranking.

Email marketing

Email marketing is quite different in its way. It sends messages to the generated leads and tries to connect with them and converse audience to visit the website.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is making your identity in the market as a brand rather than any product, letting the audience know your skill and services you serve accordingly. People want to hear about you from you. Like Mr, Deepak Kanakaraju is famous as Digital Deepak in the stream of Digital Marketing. Digital Deepak is a personal brand as he tells people about him through emails and or by calling people personally who require such services. Make your brand reachable so that you are visible to your audience.

Evolution of Personal Branding

Learn – Learn a skill, and put it into practice.

Work – Implement your learning into your work.

Blog – To implement, start with creating your blogs. Write about your story and let everyone know about it.

Consult – People will approach you after your blogs start gaining popularity and you can start consulting them.

Mentor – Then can start with mentoring other people too. 

Start-up – This is the step by step process, finally you can build your start-up and repeat the whole process again.

Content is the king of marketing. Having good communication skills is a must to engage with your audience. Keep learning and put efforts constantly and smartly, discover your niche, explore the market, understand your audience, build trust, converse with them to make a transaction and turn them into your return customer, etc. Use all the digital marketing methods and tools effectively.

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